Saturday, November 15, 2014

"The only difference between an experienced knitter and new knitter is that the experienced knitter makes bigger mistakes faster. Be bold; there are no terrible consequences in knitting." ~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


When we headed to the Cape last month, I took along all of my recently completed knitting projects that still needed to have the ends woven in - if you are a knitter, you know that this is a tedious job - why I always leave this till the very end is just a sign of my tendency to procrastinate. I had 3-4 baby sweaters, and a shawl or two - enough to keep me busy while we were there.  I stuck the materials for a new project in my bag just in case I finished these faster than I anticipated. Honestly - they took so little time that I am yet again frustrated by my tendency to not weave the ends in as I go along.

Anyhow! I did get started on a new project - Zuzu's Petals, with the name coming from my all time favorite holiday movie, It's a Wonderful Life. The yarn that I chose for this project is in the shade of "Ice Queen" and is from the Freia Ombre collection. It is a lovely yarn to work with, but I admit to being a bit ticked when off about half way through my knitting I found that it had been knotted and tied - not what I expect from such a lovely and pricey yarn. Onward. I had not brought a printed copy of the pattern, but chose to rely on the downloaded version on my ipad. Well into it, I was ready to begin the lace portion. I knew that I had the correct number of stitches to proceed, so proceed I did. I scrolled up to what I thought was the next row. No matter how many times (many, and into the wee hours of the morning), I knit and ripped back this next row, I could not get it right. I counted and recounted; said every stitch and step aloud as I began the next row again. Each and every time I did not have the correct number of stitches to correctly complete the following row. Ugh! I checked online for errata - none. I checked to see how many successfully completed projects of Zuzu's Petals were posted to Ravelry - 3,244 - I had to concede that the problem was with the knitter - me. So, I set the project aside, emailed a few friends I hoped would be at knitting the following Monday and I could ask for help, and went to bed.

When Monday rolled around and I took all of my materials to my knitting group, and as the first person arrived, I began to tell her my tale of woe. I showed her the pattern on my ipad and suddenly, suddenly I realized that I had not scrolled all the way back up to the top of the page - I had omitted 3 entire rows of the pattern! Knitter error indeed! 

I'm rarely frustrated by my knitting, but this got to me, especially since the pattern, once resumed correctly, was a breeze to complete. One important lesson learned - print out the pattern! Anyhow - it's done and I love it. It even snowed yesterday so that I had a perfect backdrop for pictures!

Zuzu's Petals s actually a cowl, and proved interesting when it came time to block it - extra large vinegar bottle to the rescue! I have completed a different shawl since then (now blocking), but I can look back and laugh at my "knitter error" on a project that should have been a piece of cake!


  1. Your cowl is beautiful! (I agree printed patterns are best!)

  2. Oh, my, I can relate to so many things of your post! Especially to the loose ends to be woven in and your scrolling error :) But that's the thing that's now woven into this shawl and that's what I love about crafts - there always is a story :) And by the way, it looks amazing!!!

  3. Gorgeous! The ombre effect is perfect for the pattern, despite the one knot and the near sleepless night. What an interesting way to block it. Thanks for showing us.

  4. That is really beautiful. I have been learning the herringbone stitch but i want to play around with lace. Clarice