Saturday, November 29, 2014

“A novel to live in, learn from, and feel bereft over when the last page is turned.” ~ Booklist

"All The Light We Cannot See", by Anthony Doerr is by far the best book that I have read in recent years. The story is captivating (read my share at the end of this post), and Doerr's writing is almost like musical movement. Please watch the author talk about his inspirations.

My story - I was trying to read this book in snatches of time - frustrating because I loved it so. I was finally down to the last 50 pages or so - critical, action packed emotional pages. I was reading it while sitting in the waiting room of my eye doctor for my early morning,  annual exam. I closed the book with exasperation as I was called into my appointment; went in; promptly had eye-dilating drops placed into my eyes - and found myself unable to read print until it was time to go to bed! Oh my gosh - I was so frustrated! I wanted to find out what happened and it felt like an endless wait!

What a story, what writing - exceptional in every way. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present!


  1. The summary already gave me goose bumps...
    Thank you for sharing, Tracy!

  2. When I'm at the end of a book that has grabbed me like that I find that I read and repeat pages before moving, repeat, read, repeat...because I just don't want it to end! Thanks for the recommendation Tracy. I'll add it to my reading list for this winter!

  3. You and Judy sold me on this - it's now on my winter reading list!

  4. It is definitely one of the best books of 2014.