Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune." ~ English Proverb

Four years ago this past May, I shared this post in honor of my father's 85th birthday. I share it with you again today in honor of my father's life, and of his recent death at the age of 89. Dad died on Saturday, September 24th, surrounded by his loving family. It has been soothing for us all to revisit and reread the words that we wrote to him four years ago. I invite you to read them again so that you can know the man that we lost.

Today, my father turns 85.  One year ago, we were celebrating the fact that he had survived heart surgery and then subsequent sickness that kept him hospitalized, and terribly ill, for quite some time.  It was a difficult and frightening period for everyone - but now happily - a memory.  Today we celebrate that he is with us and a part of our lives every day.  Please click on the names to read a few words from his family:

     Tracy          Scott          Rachel          Robin         Marge        Brian         Mike             Nancy          Mairead          Norma          Bruce           Laura          Alison      Caitlin     Alex        Erin, Dylan  and the Kids

Happy Birthday Dad - We Love you!


  1. Happy Birthday and all the best for your Dad, Tracy!

    The idea with the Names and the words is wonderful!

  2. What an enjoyable glimpse inside your loving, admiring family. Your Dad is a lucky man to have these treasures from his family. So many wonderful, entertaining and heart felt memories - especially the mistletoe story! Thanks for sharing such a special celebration with all of us.

  3. Tracy, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You have the wonderful memories of your father but they can never fill the void he left but always know that he is watching over you every day.

  4. Well done, Tracy. These stories are even more meaningful and special. I'm glad I met your dad. He will be missed by so many. xo