Food Resources

On-line Resources to Aid in Recipe and Menu Development, and Food and Grocery List Organization 


The Internet provides an almost overwhelming selection of sites that deal with food. How to search for a particular recipe, or for particular types of food can be a bit much.  There are newsites poppng up every day.  I have also included sites that deal with special dietary needs.

Some fabulous sites that help you search for just about any kind of recipe:

            Paprika  ($)                                               Blue Apron ($)

            Foodgawker                                             Food Network

           Taste of Home                                          TasteSpotting
Magazines and newsletters with Recipes

Sites that connect books and the foods that are in them:

    Paper and Salt 

    Table of Contents 

If you are looking to try foods from different countries:

Sites that provide information about the food industry (often with recipes):

   BA Daily
   The Salt

Audio sources for information on cooking and the food industry:


Gluten Free Recipe Sources:

    Gluten Free Girl and the Chef                    
    Gluten Free Goddess                                   
Diabetic Recipe Sources:

    My Recipes                                                 American Diabetes Association
    Mayo Clinic                                                 Taste of Home

Heart Healthy Recipe Sources:

     Mayo Clinic                                                   American Heart Association 

Cooking for Two:

    Our Empty Nest                                          Fifty is the New Forty
    101 Cooking for Two                                  Cooking for Two

Other sites that I enjoy checking in on:

   101 Cookbooks                                      From Away - Cooking and Eating in Maine
   Bona Fide Farm Food 

                           La Tartine Gourmande 

   Cannelle et Vanille 

                               Smitten Kitchen
   Crepes of Wrath 

                                   Tasty Kitchen Blog 

   Diner's Journal 


   Food in Jars 

                                          The Joy of Cooking
   Additional Newsletters that you can sign up for:

   New York Times Cooking Newsletter


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