Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Nothing is more precious than life... especially the life of your child." ~ Peter Diamandis

 We've covered quite a bit of territory since Bruce has joined me here in Florida! It's been so nice to get out and do things together again. Here are a few tidbits~

Calamari at Tiger Woods' new restaurant, "The Woods", in Jupiter. Dark, glitzy interior - I liked it! We only split the appetizer, but it was fun!

A fabulous band down by the river. The Victor Ross Band had the shoreline rockin'! Thunder and lightening stayed at a distance. The band's appearance marked the one year anniversary of a nearby restaurant, and also served as a fundraiser for a young boy that you have probably read about. Peyton McCaughey lives just a few miles from us here in Florida. After his family had been given the all-clear to return to their home following termite fumigation about a week and a half ago, Peyton became deathly ill as a result of the pesticide. His condition is tragic, to say the least, and it is possible that he will need life-long care. His uncle was present during the band's intermission to thank the audience and contributors on behalf of the family.  I won't write much more about it because I'll cry all over the keyboard. Hug your children and be grateful that they are sometimes a serious pain in the neck.

I have mentioned numerous times that while our individual condo is near the road, the complex sits on the St. Lucie River. This river is brackish, and as a result, we have seen jellyfish and dolphins from the complex's pier. Such a treat! Below are a few pictures of a little blue heron right at the pier's edge. 

And lastly, my favorite water bird!


  1. Tell Bruce congrats on the Packers.

    1. He's a serious Packers' fan and was very happy the other night!