Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Creativity is the voice of the spirit. One’s art should be the extension of oneself." ~ Martiza Burgos

Back in November, I shared my sister Robin's new Etsy shop, Robino Feltworks. Robin (the same sister who has bee hives) is visiting and brought with her the newest additions to her shop. We shared them at Knit Night, and the agreement was that they are beautiful! These recent ones are all "wet felted" as opposed to using upcycled wool garments. I have included a YouTube video at the end as an example of how "wet felting" is done.

This one is now mine!
Aren't they beautiful! The bottom three are up for sale on Robin's Etsy site!

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  1. They look beautiful! And I love wet felting! The splashing about in this hot soap water with wool, it's for all the senses. It smells nice, it has a wonderful feel, and its result is beautiful. It really has something meditative.