Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On and off my needles this May!

While traveling to and from Florida (and places in-between) last winter, and the winter before, I knit Lucy Bag after Lucy Bag, and posted many pictures of them here and here. They were great traveling projects! I could knit round and round, rarely having to look down at my work (and therefore avoiding the car sickness that has plagued me since childhood).

At Thanksgiving, everyone female, and I do mean every one of them (lots) got a Lucy Bag. It was time to move onto something different, yet travel-easy.  This year I did baby sweaters. I have posted about the Cute As One Button baby cardigan in the past. Quick, easy to do, and again - wonderful while a passenger in a car.

The center one is just minus the buttons - soon to be sewn on for recently born Baby Bennett.
Currently on my needles is the small shawl, Summer Flies. Darned if I could get a decent picture - every one came out almost fluorescent pink. Also, I do confess to doing a fair amount of improvisation of the pattern along the way. A word of caution - do not try to work on this while watching the film Philomena. Too many tears and too much needed attention. - just saying.

I only have rather small projects on the horizon, which suits me just fine at the moment. Little appetizers is how a refer to them!

In closing for today, I ran across an interesting article Knitting and Needlework:  Relaxing Hobbies or Seditious Activities; one of many that seem to be popping up regarding the resurgence in knitting, and its far-flung links to the past.

Women knit as they chat over the garden fence in Bayford, Hertfordshire. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images


  1. I do love all the cheery colors you've chosen for your projects. :-) I brought out mittens knitted for me by a friend this week, just so I could see and touch them. Your work is beautiful! :-)