Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Our time, since our return from Florida, has been a whirlwind - mostly in a good way. We had our Kentucky Derby party - so much fun! The next morning I left for Vermont for a several-day visit to see my son Alex, and his partner Hannah. They recently moved to Vermont, and I had not seen them since we left for Florida.

What a wonderful visit! They are nestled in the woods, alongside a lake, and they are loving life. What every parent hopes for.

Their spring is a couple of weeks behind ours - you can see its infancy at every bend.

A couple of shots from the ferry, heading back to new York State.

I surely do miss them, but they are much closer than they had been, and we will see them in a few short weeks for a family celebration. It was a wonderful trip!


  1. Ahh... Vermont. I know it well. My sister and her family are near Burlington and my husband's brother is in the southeastern part of the state. (Over the years, I have had several conversations with my sister about her late springs... and how can she stand it? She usually ends up telling me that I should move to California:-) It's great that you got to fit in a visit there and to be with your son. Happy Mother's Day!
    (And congratulations on your condo in Florida! Sorry, I got a little behind on my reading list.)

  2. Happy Mother's day. Gosh now I want to move to Vermont. Just beautiful. Clarice

  3. Nice pics, T.! I especially love the foot bridge in the woods. Clarice, I'll move there with you because being your neighbor would be a blast!