Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Good food is very often, even most often, simple food." ~ Anthony Bourdain

After a several month hiatus, BITE is back in business! It was so wonderful to see Ellen, Tierney and Chris! This was our first gathering since before Christmas! We met at Chris's home, and she chose "Southern Hospitality" as her theme.  Since she and I spent our winters in the south, this seemed particularly appropriate.

As a disclosure before I begin sharing our dishes - I left my camera at home. There is a fair distance between Chris's house and mine, so I did not try to go back for it. So - cellphone pictures it was!

To start out our evening, Chris prepared two variations of sweet tea - a southern favorite. One had alcohol, the other did not. Both were plenty sweet! Ellen then shared two appetizers that she brought. One was a stuffed mushroom dish, for which I do not have a recipe - sorry! The other was pimento cheese spread with crackers. Delicious! I finally had to move away from the dish - this could clearly be a downfall!


Tierney's side dish, scalloped potatoes and onions, was wonderful, with a real bite from Emeril Lagasse's "essence". It was creamy and had bacon - need I say more? Sadly, I did not get even a cellphone picture of this (sorry Super T.!) - the one below is from the recipe site.
Next came Chris's main dish of picnic oven fried chicken. I love fried chicken (even KentuckyFried, which I hate to admit). Chris's also was spicy and delicious.

To finish things off, I made New Orleans pralines (no baking involved). We had pralines in Savannah last year on our way home from Florida, and Bruce and I both loved them. It's fair to say that my results did not taste the same, but they were good! I made two batches, the first of which came out looking as pralines are supposed to. The second batch? Not so much. I think I cooked the mixture too long and added too many pecans. The result was a crumbly, but yummy, mixture- hence the ice-cream. I decided that it would taste good spooned over a dish of vanilla, and it did!


It was wonderful to see my friends after so many months apart. We spent the evening catching up on what is going on in each other's lives, eating good food, and sharing good laughs. Wonderful!


  1. Hi, Tracy! I love fried chicken, and I think that I will try making the Picnic Oven Fried Chicken soon. Looks like a deliciously wonderful good time!

  2. What a delectably fantastic get together. :-) It makes me homesick for Southern cooking. :-)

  3. Oh, I'm hungry for our dinner all over again! It really was as homey and satisfying as you describe, and your cell phone pictures are perfect. So glad we're back together for more delicious eating and excellent company!

  4. Yeah, I was so excited to see BITE back. Yummy inspirations too. I love the dessert and well anything with cream and bacon has me!!! Clarice

    1. And we are glad to be back Clarice! It's always fun deciding what to prepare - we are never disappointed!