Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Pre-felted Lucy Bags

I sent a quick e-mail to my knitting friends not long ago.  I miss them!  When you sit around a crowded table with women you’ve been friends with for several years now, you develop a friendly rhythm.  You know those to ask for specific knitting help; you know who is going away on an upcoming trip; who is worried about their parents, children, grandchildren; you know who is likely to drop a few expletives along the way (yes Steph, I mean you).  I am having a terrific time here in Florida, but I miss my knit group-groupies back at Spun Right Round.

When I wrote to them, I shared a funny story that happened last week.  In my web quest for a yarn shop to visit in the St. Petersburg area, I came across one that seemed to fit the bill.  The site said that it was not too far away, and had a Thursday night Knit Night – just what I was looking for!  When Thursday came along, I decided to check out the shop earlier in the day, prior to going in the evening.  I used my husband’s trusty GPS and finally located the address for the shop, located in a small strip mall.  I scanned all of the storefronts, but saw nothing that was a yarn shop.  Finally, I went in the door of the shop that had the exact street address that I was looking for – but it was not a yarn shop – it was a burlesque shop!  There were sequined corsets, feathered masks, exotic boas and other burlesque paraphernalia.  I had a fun conversation with the gentleman behind the counter!

It seems that the yarn shop had closed well over a year and a half ago.  He said that he had people constantly stopping by for the yarn shop because the previous owner still had her website up and running.  We both had a good laugh when I said “So, I guess you’re not hosting Knit Night tonight!”

Not to be deterred, I have a plan to visit A Good Yarn in Sarasota this Saturday.  Sue, from my homespun knit group, recommended this shop to me – and upon checking out their site, I see that they will be hosting an open house for Susan Gibbs, from Juniper Moon Farm.  I have contacted both Susan’s – the one from Juniper Moon Farm and the one from A Good Yarn, and they are both happy to have me come and take photos of the shop and Susan’s visit for a future blog post.  So, I know that on Saturday I will be getting my first fiber and (new)friend fix in awhile!

In the meantime – the photo above is of the Lucy Bag projects that I have been working on since leaving New York.  It is such an easy “knit as you go” project that even I – notoriously motion sick – can knit these in the car (no Tierney – not while I’m driving). I will felt them all when we return home.

So - please look forward to a future post on a local (well - half hour away) yarn store, and on Susan Gibbs, her farm and her products!


  1. Who, me?! You should have taken photos of the burlesque shop for me - I imagine I could have dropped a few of my choiciest in admiration. Can't wait for the Juniper Moon photos and to check out A Good Yarn. You are flying through those bags!

  2. Love the colors of the Lucys! Hope you have fun at the LYS in Sarasota. We are missing you in CNY.

  3. Your bags look right at home there on the dock, sigh. To see you're knitting like crazy is great, and I'm sure the locals are glad that you're not driving while knitting! Enjoy the knit shop on Saturday, and I'm anxious to see & read all about it! xo

  4. Oh my goodness, that must have been quite a shock when you walked it. Too funny, from knitting to burlesque!!! Clarice