Saturday, January 11, 2014

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water." ~ Carl Reiner

Picture: Alamy
Well, my legs are shaved and my toenails are painted. That can mean only one thing - we are on our way to Florida! We leave behind what Bruce and I agree is a winter so far that has seemed like it's been all winter long. We can't remember such cold and snow so early in the season.  I do hope that the worst of it is behind those that we leave at home, and that our house-sitter will avail himself of the fireplace! 

This seems like a good time to do another post on some of my favorite things at home and around the web. So - here it goes!

I have just finished reading this (suggested by my sister Nancy) and this, and recommend them both if either topic is up your alley!

I am currently reading this, and moving on to this (gifted to me by my dear friend Judy) - I think I have a theme going!

Very cool!

I could get a lot more knitting done, but I'm not too sure about this!

Me either!

A new to me, cool site.

If you have not heard or watched Pentatonix before - this is quite a first introduction!

My new favorite recipe - so good I had to give the results away for fear of eating it all myself! I used toasted hazelnuts rather than the walnuts and almonds listed.

Lastly, beauty in all of this cold!

Reporting next from sunny (hopefully) Florida!


  1. Love the Beauty of Winter photos...

    Have a safe and lovely trip.

    I'm glad you enjoy FL, at this time of year. One year we went for 3 months and it wasn't my cup of tea. :-) But I know, zillions of people do enjoy the winter break.

    You are 2 of them.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Thank you Tessa! I don't like heat, but I do like warmth, and I love being by the ocean!

  2. Have fun in Florida, hope it is sunnier !! Clarice ps, toffee is always a good idea

    1. We safely arrived this morning to sunshine and temperatures in the 70's!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Florida, Tracy! Looking very forward to the pictures you bring!

    1. Thanks Nancy! My camera is at the ready!

  4. Do you have the link for the nut recipe? Love the winter frost patterns and the notion of driverless cars.....