Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"There is no organization that has done more to remind us of our shared humanity, than the Salvation Army. Thanks to their dedicated hard work and effort, we can all feel confident that we have not left our brothers behind." ~ Ernie Hudson, Star of "Ghostbusters" and "Desperate Housewives" - How's that for an endorsement!

Last fall, my husband and I traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota to attend the wedding of the daughter of some close friends.  While we were there, I happened upon a knit shop (as knitters often do) named Borealis Too. Nice store ~ nice people.  While looking around, I saw some darling knitted ornaments placed inside a glass ball.  I looked them over carefully and thought that surely I could make the same thing.  I filed that thought away.

Later on into the fall, everyone from my knit group put in a large order to Knit Picks for sock yarn.  The plan was that we would all knit, or learn to knit, socks together.  It did not take me long to decide that sock knitting just wasn't for me.  Not saying it never will be - just not in the near future.  All this talk about "turning the heel" scared me off I think!  The group was going to be gathering at my home for a potluck holiday dinner, and I told them that they would have the opportunity to see first hand how I had "repurposed" my sock yarn. 

As you can see below, I used the yarn to recreate ornaments similar to those that I had seen in St. Paul.  Each member of the group had their own sock yarn ornament placed next to their spot at the dinner table.  I must say - they were a big hit.  It's a marvelous  feeling to make something for someone else and to have it be truly enjoyed.

Now - this is where our local Salvation Army comes in, which has had its food pantry so seriously depleted in these difficult times that in recent days they have had to close their pantry doors.  Renee, of  Spun Right Round, the proprietor of our new LYS (Local Yarn Store), and subject of an earlier post, has offered to carry my ornaments and we will donate 100% of the $10.00 price (no sales tax) to our local Salvation Army. Additionally, Renee has offered to accept food pantry donations at her shop in exchange for a discount on her yarn.  Between now and Sunday, November 20th, for each food item you donate, you will receive 10% off of a skein of yarn.  

I will not normally make this site a place for purchasing endorsements but - if you live locally, are a knitter, know a knitter or think that the ornaments are just too darn cute - please consider purchasing one (available around Thanksgiving), making a donation at the shop in exchange for a discount, or donating directly to the Salvation Army at 138 Main Street, Cortland, NY, 607-753-9363.  If you are not local, a Salvation Army is always nearby, as are any number of other worthwhile organizations that help out in challenging times. 

Thanks so much!  Tracy

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  1. Oh my gosh, Tracy! The ornaments look so beautiful on the tree. Can it really be that time of year again? Each thing you do, you do with such care and attention to detail that it just turns out perfectly.