Saturday, November 12, 2011

"A day spent with a friend is a memory made." ~ Unknown

Earlier this week, on yet another stellar autumn day, my dear friend Tierney and I decided that a road trip was just the right way to spend the day.  Tierney, of Silver Trumpet Style, is my blogging mentor and inspiration, to say nothing of being one the most talented young women I know.  Can I also mention that she is just one fine human being?

Tierney and her trusty camera!

Early in the morning, we hit the road for Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, located about an hour away from where we live.  During our travels there and back, aside from a very close encounter with a pickup driver who didn't know how to drive, we managed to solve all of the problems of the world - so you may now rest easy.

"Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge was established on September 12, 1938 as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. The refuge provides resting, feeding, and nesting habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds. Montezuma is situated in the middle of one of the most active flight lanes in the Atlantic Flyway."

Once arrived, we grabbed our cameras and began snapping shots of the flora and fauna (I have a whole section I will title "The Milkweed Waltzes")

Here come the Milkweed Waltzes!

Geese and more geese ~ I guess that would be a gaggle!

~ and one lone hawk ~

Have I mentioned recently that I love being retired?


  1. How fun. It is such a beautiful area and lovely photos. I am so glad you and Tierney got to hang out togther!! Clarice

  2. The Atlantic Flyway?! Well, knowing that just makes our day even more awesome. (Horrible pick-up driver, closed bakery and all.)
    Thank you for such a wonderful post. In fact, I can hear a Waltz starting up right now. 1-2-3, 1-2-3....Waltzes are my favorite.