Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings." ~ Eric Hoffer, Reflections On The Human Condition

To open the paper; to turn on the news; to hear people talk - we are a world gone mad.  It is very easy for me, and I think for most of us, to be swept up in the current state of affairs - both locally and globally - how can we not?  

Back when Oprah was on, I used to love to hear her talk about the things that she was grateful for - she didn't just chat about it at Thanksgiving - she mentioned her gratitude regularly.  It had always been my intention to keep a "Gratitude Journal", but I never did.  Today I will share with you the things for which I feel gratitude and thankfulness, even when the world does not seem a kind place - my guess is that many of you feel the same way!

I am thankful for ~

  • My husband, who is a wonderful husband, father, step-father, grandfather, son and son-in-law.  He loves me, encourages my interests and holds my hand in public - I love you!
  • My son, who has a strong moral compass, wants to make the world a better place, is good to his grandparents, will soon begin a job in his field and who empties the dishwasher - I love you!
  • My parents, who despite a few bumps in the road this past year, are here and healthy and continuing to nurture their children, grandchildren and community - I love you!
  • My sisters, though scattered and living their own lives, are always there for me and our parents, who can make me laugh and cry and would drop everything and come running if I needed them - I love you!
  • My step-children, who are wonderful people and parents - I love you!
  • My step-grandchildren, who are bright and inquisitive - I love you!
  • My friends, who also make me laugh and cry, who nurture my need for good times and creativity, who are always up for a good laugh and a glass of wine, and who would also drop everything and come running if I needed them - I love you!

I know that I could write a much lengthier list - but the really important things - they're all up above.

On another, though somewhat related note, the ornaments are up and for sale in Renee's shop Spun Right Round.  Check out the pictures ~

Remember that the ornaments are $10 each, with all proceeds going to our local Salvation Army at 138 Main St., Cortland, NY.  

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Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Perfect. Just perfect.
    PS, I've wanted to start a gratitude journal, too.
    Can't wait to admire, purchase and give one of your gorgeous ornaments at Spun Right Round!

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Sweet tree!! I think it is important for us to focus on our blessings, otherwise we never see them!! Clarice