Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Challenge yourself in the New Year - I said. Don't always knit within your comfort level - I said. Try lace - I said.

Well, I can tell you that it is like trying to knit dental floss with toothpicks! I worked hard, really and truly, for the better part of a week, trying to get past the 10 or so setup rows. I wrote out charts into row by row instructions. I set aside the one pattern I wanted to try because it began with "Cast on 329 stitches." I put in life-line after life-line each time I started over. It's not that I can't do all the stitches that the patterns called for - I can - most of them in my sleep! I have concluded that the sheer size of the needles and the yarn are what sits between me and success. A deadly combination!

By the time I finally admitted defeat, my eyes hurt, my hands hurt, my shoulders hurt - if only it could all be counted as an honest workout!

So, fine lace knitting is now set aside. I will probably try to give it another go at some point in time, but not for a bit.

You don't have to be a knitter to understand the frustration of failing at something that you anticipated you would be able to do. Onward, to a project that will be new, but not quite as challenging!


  1. My shoulders hurt just thinking of attempting lace! :-) Good for you even trying such finicky work.

  2. Oh no, you poor thing! Well, at least you tried, and didn't stress over it for months on end. Better to just move on! xo