Saturday, February 21, 2015

"I just wanna make nice things, and get enough sleep." ~ Pinterest

OK, it's cold here. 33 degrees when I got up! I know that there is not much sympathy from up north, but it's cold! Fortunately, things are looking up, and by the time my sister and her husband arrive next week, I think that we will be approaching 80. That should be a welcome change for them from the temperatures they have had in Vermont this winter!

I have managed to fit in some DIY projects while down here. The first two pictures below are of a Florida tablecloth that I got off of Ebay probably close to 20 years ago. I did not have a Florida condo on my mind at the time, but I'm glad I saved it all of these years (perhaps if I were to buy a Cape Cod vintage tablecloth, something similar might happen ?!). This particular one is pre-Disney (1967), though I don't exactly how old. Before I began this project, I checked online to be sure that I wasn't sewing into something that could be worth big bucks! No such luck.

I borrowed the sewing machine of a neighbor, and after pinning it to batting and backing, I stitched around the scalloped edges, the state boarder, and portions of the palm trees. I then added some seam binding.
The edges are a bit wobbly, but I love how it just fits right in.
 Another project that I have done is with ceramics. There is a nice little studio here in town, Stuart Ceramics Painting Studio. I have done this type of thing in the past, but not for a long time. Back at home we still use the butter dish that Alex did many moons ago! Anyhow, you start with the white, unfinished piece, paint it, then they glaze and fire it. It is very relaxing and a lot of fun!

Here is my fish after I have painted it (still awaiting glaze and firing).

Here it is, completed and siting upon a shelf in our condo.
I'm glad that I can still do some hands-on projects (other than knitting) while we are here. It's a good feeling and I love to be surrounded by things that I have done - it's comforting somehow!


  1. What a brilliant idea for a tablecloth. I love it and perfect for your condo. Clarice

  2. LOVE the "appliced" tablecloth as wall hanging.

  3. I love seeing handmade projects of all kinds. Thanks for sharing. They look GREAT in your new place!

  4. Beautiful job on the fish! And very clever use of the vintage table cloth. Genius!

  5. When are you opening your online shop?! What a wonderful surprise to see your own art coloring your home and adding such life! Truly exceptional work, Super T.!! I'm in awe, as I didn't know you had any interest in painting ceramics...I'll be first in line when your shop opens. :)