Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Be able to recognize the dangerous snakes, spiders, insects, and plants that live in your area of the country." ~ Marilyn vos Savant

On a recent chilly day (I'm not complaining - please don't send me hate mail!), we decided to hike in The Savannas, one of Florida's nearby state parks. It was a lovely walk, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. 

Wild hogs are a problem throughout Florida. We saw evidence of their rooting activity along every stretch that we walked.

From my Florida reptile and amphibian book, my guess is that this is a "glossy crayfish snake"; an "eastern hognose snake"; or an "indigo snake". 

More wild hog rooting. We wondered where all of these hogs were during the day because we only saw evidence of their presence.


  1. These pictures are so evocative. They seem to show somewhere so different and unique.

  2. I second Debra. Evocative is the perfect word. I enjoyed the textures and colors, as well as various signs of life. To pay attention is gratifying. So glad you keep that camera close!