Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Mermaids don't lose sleep over the opinion of shrimp." ~ Pinterest

This past weekend we went to the 25th anniversary of the Stuart Arts Festival. It was a beautiful day for it. Bruce and I had a mission as we perused various vendors. We were looking for some additional wall art for the condo. 

A couple of years ago, Bruce got a print for me at an arts festival in Dunedin, on the gulf side. The same artist, Janet Searfoss, was at this one. Janet creates incredible batiks, many with wonderful stories, or the beginnings of stories as a print accompaniment. In spite of the hectic festival crowd, Janet took the time to explain the batik process to us, and how she enjoys adding the stories to her art.

I must say, I could have dropped some serious money at Janet's booth, but Bruce and I settled on two beautiful mermaids. The one on the left, "Flame Entrapment", begins with....

       "She is beckoning her admirers into her magical space that has walls made of fish."

The one the right, "Sirius Starlight", begins with.....

       "She is sitting on a deck or a bridge. She is accompanied with heron guardians on either side of    
        her. She has a 'serious' look as if she holds the secrets of the sea within her."

They are so gorgeous, and we can't wait to frame them and hang them!


  1. Really beautiful. I can see why you love her work. Clarice

  2. Wow, wow, wow! It's as if Jane made those just for you! (Are you sure she didn't?) They're perfect over your coral sofa, of course. Your home is really beginning to sparkle!