Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get." ~ Mark Twain

While it is headed up to 93 degrees here in Central New York, my needles are working on a winter-weather hat. The pattern's name is "Wurm", based upon, I am assuming, its worm-like segments. It is a free Ravelry download, and so far - very easy. This is my second attempt, the first having a headband that was much too wide. I adjusted the size I chose, and the size of the needles that I did the band on (5 to 4). This seems to have done the trick. I really like the combination of colors, and am eager to see it completed.

If you will recall, my first two winters to and from Florida had me knitting up "Lucy Bags" in the car because I could just go 'round and 'round without having to look down at my hands. I knit enough of those to give them away to every female family member and then some. This past winter I moved on to baby sweaters, with "Cute As One Button" being my go-to pattern. Again, this required little visual attention.

Bruce and I are headed back to Florida tomorrow, and "Wurm" is my project this time around. I have packed enough yarn to work on a few.

When I first told you about our condo purchase a few months back, I mentioned that work would need to be done. We have determined that the only way to get this work started is to go there for a bit and line things up. 

We know that it will be hot there, but the forecast is a bit daunting, with Tropical Storm Arthur brewing along the coast. We are not looking for outside work to be done, but hope that we will not have to batten down the hatches while we are there!

We are excited for this new adventure, but I am currently busy getting our NY home ready to leave for family who will be in town during our absence. So much to do on both ends! I will keep you posted as to our progress!


  1. The colours are indeed beautiful - I am looking very forward to see how it looks when you are done.

    I'm crossing my fingers that Arthur will not be strong! Have a safe journey and a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you Nancy! At the moment, it seems that Arthur should not be too much of a threat to is. Folks to the north of where we will be will get some nasty weather though!

  2. Such gorgeous colors to knit together! Would love to see the finished hat on the recipient's head, whenever that might happen. ;)

    1. Thanks T. Not sure when the wearer will get to wear the hat, but I promise to get a photo!