Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“What goes up must come down.” ~ Isaac Newton

Maintaining the tastes of the season, Ellen chose "apples" as our November BITE theme. Apples and autumn go hand-in-hand for me. The apple pictures featured here are ones that I took a couple of years ago - apples growing in the wild, going nowhere but to the ground, and just beautiful!

Let me apologize for the quality of my food photos - something was amiss - probably the photographer!

When Chris sent me the recipe for her appetizer selection, I actually said "Yum!" as I read the ingredients. Walnuts and gorgonzola and apples - in a turnover no-less!

My contribution of stuffing seemed a perfect fit to me when I knew that Ellen was preparing chicken. I am a late-comer to stuffing. I'm not sure why except that possibly I would never fill up on something else when the were mashed potatoes and gravy to eat!  Bruce is a big stuffing fan, and this recipe is pretty darn close to how he likes it best.  I think that I have grown to love it because I now make it! The only thing that I did differently than the recipe as it is written is that I added fennel seed.  Fennel seeds seem a stuffing must to me.

Chicken is such a versatile food! I like it in just about any form, and Ellen's preparation was just fantastic!
Savory Herb and Sausage Stuffing with Tangy Granny Smith Apples
Apple Cider Chicken

To cap off our apple theme, Tierney's dessert was perfect. Apple Clafouti, from Saveur.  A custardy pancake filled apples sauteed in butter and sugar - Delish!

As we head into December,  I have chosen "Holiday Brunch" for our next theme. I love brunch foods - a little bit of everything - but especially breakfast foods. This gives us an opportunity to ditch our traditional dinner fare and try our hand at something a bit different. See you then!


  1. Apples really were the perfect theme, as last night's dinner was just as enjoyable to cook for, and as delicious as the rest. I'm excited to hunt for recipes for your holiday brunch - another fantastic BITE theme. We are lucky ladies who eat well!

  2. I must say it looks so delicious! I agree autumn and apples go hand in hand! I am looking forward to seeing your brunch dishes selection!

  3. Thank you Linda! I can't wait to do our brunch!

  4. Perfect autumn theme, Love the starter and really all of it. Cannot wait to see December BITE xox Clarice

  5. Apples are a perfect theme for late autumn and winter! And it looks yummy - I would love to try these Turnovers, sounds delicious! I'm not the winter type, but when there are baked apples and hot spiced wine...

    1. Baked apples and hot spiced wine sound like a lovely combination!