Saturday, November 16, 2013

"From sheep to sweater." ~ The 2014 Winter Olympic Uniforms

I know that the Winter Olympics are nearly three months away, but I could not resist sharing a story that I ran across recently.  Ralph Lauren, famed American clothing designer, is the official clothier for the USA participants in the upcoming Olympics. Ralph Lauren also designed the 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms, but they were manufactured in China - with great criticism - why weren't USA uniforms made in the USA?

Today - the story of "Sheep to Olympic Sweater" is one that made me smile.  It is so nice to see something like this made at home.  Please check out the link below to see and hear how it was done.

This undated product image provided by Ralph Lauren shows a reindeer turtleneck, part of the official gear of the U.S. Olympic team. Every article of clothing made by Ralph Lauren for the U.S. Olympic athletes in Sochi has been made by domestic craftsman and manufacturers.


  1. Now that's how to do it. Go, USA! Thanks for sharing such a gratifying and inspiring story.

  2. Sooo cool and love the sweater. Ralph is brilliant!! Clarice

    1. The sweater is great - perfect for the Winter Olympics!