Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"The chef that grew up with the grandma who cooks tends to always beat the chef that went to the culinary institute. It's in the blood." ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

My husband, Bruce, grew up in the Utica area of New York State.  There, Sunday dinners were made by is Italian grandmother.  Recently, Bruce has enjoyed a return to his roots - he is cooking up wonderful Italian dishes every Sunday afternoon - and I'm not complaining!  While I was out at a craft fair on a recent Sunday, he began snapping pictures as he prepared a dinner of Roasted Red PeppersSpinach Bread, and Shrimp Casino.  All of his recipes came from the book Joey's Italian.  If you click on any of the recipes above, it will take you to an excerpt from the book - scroll down to see each of the three recipes.

I came home to wonderful aromas, and snapped a few photos of my own.  Sadly - I didn't get any great shots of the cooked shrimp - what I can tell you is that they were wonderful!

So - here is a guest appearance by my favorite chef!

And - he cleaned up when he was done!  Molto delizioso, Chef Altieri - Molto delizioso!


  1. Wow,this looks delicious! Greetings to your Chef d'Oeuvre :-)

    PS: I loved your Downton Abbey themed BITE! The glasses are sooo beautiful!

  2. Holy-moly, I am impressed (as someone who has a husband who never cooks). Boy it all looks good to me. Enjoy for me tomorrow night xox Clarice

  3. I believe that tonight's menu is a frittata!

  4. Bruce is a man of many talents, and you are a lucky lady! LOL!
    Actually, I learn so much from you b/c you're both good to each other. :)