Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"We are making progress, slowly, but we are making it." ~ Me

Obviously not a "moving in" picture, but connected anyhow. I have been working slowly on a simple shawl since before leaving Florida. Something mindless and good for travel. Well, I stretched it out as long as I could, and finally finished it last night at knitting. 

I have hunted and hunted in the boxes that I can reach to try to find some of my yarn stash, but it is buried too deep. Bruce has also made a valiant effort on my behalf, but neither one of us has been able to unearth what I know is a treasure trove of yarn.

Fortunately, a scarf kit that I had ordered arrived today. It will at least allow me to have something in my hands while at knitting group. That doesn't necessarily mean I will be actively knitting, but I will look the part!

Now for a bit of a housing update. It has been somewhat slow moving, but we are making progress every day. Bruce ended up returning some boxes to storage that we don't need to deal with right now, like Christmas boxes and things that we know we are going to have to get rid of. This will hopefully give us a chance to focus on only those things that need to be immediately dealt with. Also, the painting is complete! This is major as we repainted every wall but three (in the living room). Things are lighter and fresher, and most definitely more "us". We are moving along!

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  1. We rented a storage unit after we decided to turn our basement into an apartment and lost our storage space at home. Today, after two years, we're finally starting to bring some items home and plan to empty the unit before summet's end. It is definitely a journey to undertake a whole house move. Sending a prayer of new house blessings your way.