Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Oops!" ~ The Both Of Us!

As we plug along with our unpacking and setting up house (will it never end, you ask?), I think that it's probably to be expected that not everything will go smoothly. Such is the case with the cabinet to go under Bruce's new TV. 

Ordered nearly two months ago, and only just delivered, the "soft, somewhat country blue" that we thought we were getting is very different from the "I belong in your Florida condo blue" that we got. So, after minimal deliberation (no, we do not want to wait another two months, and the cabinet is otherwise what we wanted), I ordered some chalk paint in a lovely "Spanish Moss" green, and hope to set to work on painting it sometime next week. The paint may or may not arrive in time for me to share some pictures next week, but I will down the line if it doesn't.

Fortunately, Bruce and I both roll with the punches pretty well with this sort of thing. We have had over a year honing our patience skills!

The picture below is similar to one that I posted to FaceBook last week. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a tremendous storm had rolled through, blowing neighbors lawn furniture down our street, and filling the ravine behind our home with water. This past week, we had a similar, though more severe experience. I didn't realize at the time that I posted the picture of the clouds behind our home, that many homes in our area suffered severe damage. It was only the next morning, when I got texts and emails from friends elsewhere checking to see how we were, and then my trip around town, that I realized how lucky we were. It is quite amazing that no one was hurt. 

At the time, I was simply marveling at the peculiar clouds, and how I felt certain that there was a knitting pattern to be found in them. We were very fortunate.


  1. So glad you are getting settled. Moving into a NEW house is a great feeling. Though I did think when I saw your picture that you were still in Florida!

  2. What a sky - definite mackerel cloud formation there and precursor to something really nasty.

  3. Glad you had a little break from the boxes and work in your new place. Some wrinkles for sure but things look like they are in hand. ahh, windows... last summer I completed the last of my 17 Roman Shades. A lot of work and I am glad they are behind me but don't regret it. Enjoy the ride!!!!