Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"How are we defining nature? Is it the limit of what we are looking at when we see green and we see trees? Or is it everything?" ~ Catherine Alice Michaelis, Craft In America, PBS

Finally, a new episode of Craft in America! The newest installment (preview below) focuses on nature.

Premiering on April 21st on PBS, I was very excited to see that one the featured artists is someone whose work I have shared here! The art of Patrick Dougherty will be highlighted, but you can revisit my post on his work in the link below! 

And here are a couple of pictures from that post three years ago!


As always, I am eager to see this latest contribution. Remember that you can view all of the prior episodes at Craft in America!

If you have trouble viewing the preview because you are seeing this via email, go directly to my blog.

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