Wednesday, August 3, 2016

“The four sayings that lead to wisdom: I was wrong. I'm sorry. I don't know. I need help.” ~ Louise Penny

Nearly five years ago, when I began this blog, my third post (out of 481!) was about the mystery writer, Louise Penny. With the discovery of Louise's books, I found myself in love with mysteries once again, after having gone through a bit of dry spell. That love has not wavered. 

Later this month, the 12th book in her Inspector Gamache series will arrive on my doorstep. I rarely purchase books anymore, and use the library religiously. I buy these books though, because I just don't want to wait. I always pass them on when I'm done, but I want it first!

One of the lovely things about enjoying her books is that I share this love with friends both up north and down south. I was so excited then, when I learned that she was going to be giving a talk up in Burlington, VT near where my sister lives. Making it a mini-vacation (complete with stops at three different knitting shops in one day!) a friend and I traveled north and spent a few days with my sister, with the purpose of attending Louise Penny's talk. When I told Alex about our planned gathering, he asked if the demographic was something like that at a Josh Groban concert. I said that yes, I thought it was. In truth, Louise Penny fans are a tad grayer!

What a fabulous experience! Louise (my good friend - wink) is a witty, gracious and thoroughly engaging presenter. All 500+ attendees roared with laughter, nodded in understanding, and loved
every moment. She was marvelous - that's just the best way to put it!

Following her talk, she signed books, posed for photos, and did not rush anyone on at all. She asked questions, murmured her appreciations, and made me feel like a good friend. I'm just going with it!

Please check out Louise Penny's site in order to read more about her, her books, and her awards. If you are looking for mysteries that are refreshingly mysterious rather than gory and sensational, I suspect that you will enjoy her writing!


  1. Wonderful - a trip with a real purpose and one that sounds as though it lived up to or even exceeded expectations.

  2. Great post Babes, sorry I missed the knitting shops.

  3. So many of my friends love her. I need to read one.