Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Home wasn't built in a day." ~ Jane Sherwood Ace

It has been a bit since I have shared updates on our housing plans. We are continuing to look at building our next home. There are still many hurdles to jump over and questions to be answered, but we are moving forward. Having built in the past, Bruce's experience helps to quell some of my nervousness - poor guy - he patiently answers every question, and reassures me. He also is practical and knows that there are some unknowns that need to be known as we continue. I told him - just let me know when it's time to pick out kitchen cabinets! Of course I am more involved than that, but you get the idea.

I will share updates when there is something to update. That may include saying that we are not building, but for now - it looks like we are!


  1. Very exciting! Though there can be times of stress during the process, it is very rewarding to build your own home. Hope that all goes well!

  2. I can only imagine all the nerves that must be on edge as you think through every scenario and try to remember everything. Hope things continue to go well! :-)

  3. I hate transitions and uncertainty so I would find this stressful. But I would love to move into a new home built just to my taste. Good luck!