Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Across the miles......I carry your heart." ~ Pinterest

This past weekend, I traveled back to Vermont for a family celebration. We all gathered (minus my nephew Brian who is currently in Montana) to celebrate the marriage of my nephew Scott and his wife, Changting. Scott and Changting were actually married two years ago in a civil ceremony in China. None of us were in attendance that time. Then, last summer, Changting's family hosted a formal, traditional ceremony in China (I have concluded this post with a few photos from then). Scott's family and a few friends traveled to China for this occasion. Now, two years later, with Changting finally in the US as of November, Scott's family has hosted a celebration in their honor, and to welcome Changting to our country and our family - Whew!

Scott and Changting met while sitting on the same bench in China four years ago. When Scott returned to the US, a two-year skyping romance blossomed. When Scott returned to China two years after their first meeting, they were married. A lovely courtship!

The reception was held in a lovely old opera house in the village of Vergennes. I discovered after the fact that I had my camera on the wrong setting, so many of my photos are in a bit of a blur - so be it!

While sitting in the car at one point over the weekend, my father turned to me and said, "You know, we have a wonderful family." He is oh so right.......

Scott and Changting, with my sister and her family.
The Rhodes women, minus my sister Robin.
I made soap as reception favors.
The Rhodes Family!
My father broke his glasses the day of the reception, but did not let this stop him from enjoying the reception, or the company of two of his granddaughters.

My mother and Alex!

These final photos are from the traditional ceremony held in Changting's hometown in China last August.

We love you Scott and Changting, and wish you every happiness in the years to come!


  1. They are a beautiful couple!!! I wish them all the very best and much more of such shared happiness to come!

    You seem to have a wonderful family indeed. Your pictures tell the story!

    1. They are indeed Nancy! It was a wonderful time!

  2. Congratulations to the lovely couple and all of the wonderful family, both near and far!

    1. I will be sure to pass on your well wishes Carolyn!

  3. What a wonderful family you have!!! Clarice

  4. Yet another amazing, loving, fun-filled milestone in the Rhodes family! Your dad is right.
    Scott and Changting are off to a wonderful start! What is the symbol on your soap packaging?