Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." ~ Pinterest

While I know that the weather back home has been horrid, it has really been lovely here, and allows us to be outside each and every day. We had planned for some time to take a hike through Robinson Preserve, not far from where we are staying. Finally we made it!

"Robinson Preserve is located in northwestern Bradenton, in the Palma Sola area, across the street from the Palma Sola Botanical Gardens. 

This 487-acre preserve has undergone an incredible transformation from disturbed farmland to coastal and wetland habitats."

Anticipating a couple of miles and between a one and two hour trek, we resurfaced at our car over six miles and three hours later! It helps to read the brochure before you begin your hike! We were no worse for wear, but I would have worn different footgear and brought some water if I had known it would take so long.

It was a lovely walk nonetheless, with an abundance of flora and fauna. Such a lovely day - and no snow-shoveling involved!

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  1. Love the opening quote, and thanks for satisfying my Blue Heron fix! A beautiful day outdoors, indeed.