Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches!" ~ Unknown

The other morning, I accompanied a couple of friends to the Everson Museum in Syracuse to see the Festival of Trees.

The Everson Museum of Art Members' Council presents the 27th Annual Festival of Trees, which will bring the sights and sounds of the holidays to the galleries and gathering spaces of the Museum. Each item is generously donated by local businesses, community groups and individuals, and all items are sold to benefit the Everson Museum of Art. Visitors to the Festival take in the beautiful sights, purchase items to decorate their homes and offices, and pick up tips for their own creations. The presentation of art and décor alongside activities and musical entertainment will make the Festival truly special. All events are held at the Everson Museum of Art, except for the Teddy Bear Tea and Santa's Garage Sale. Proceeds from the Festival of Trees and all special events benefit the Everson Museum of Art.

I had to really work at whittling down the pictures that I am sharing - there a A LOT of pictures here - but only a fraction of the ones that I took!  The lights, the colors and the creativity were amazing - so beautiful.

Make sure to scroll to the end to see a few pictures that are not of trees, but will bring a smile to the faces of my knitting friends!

This little guy was in the children's section of the museum - be sure to check out his quills!


  1. I really like the tree with the butterflies on it. I think maybe I like them all.
    Thank you for taking me with you to the museum.
    .You commented on one of my posts about a book
    you had read that bottle trees were part of the story. I read On Folly Beach. I liked it very much!!! Thank you.

  2. The butterfly tree, the grasses tree, The Army tree, the sparkle and shine, and the porcupine - what a delight! Thank you for sharing some holiday beauty and whimsy today! xo