Saturday, July 14, 2012

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” ~ Mae West

BITE met again recently - quite soon after our last gathering.  The son of our host for this month will be getting married in a few short weeks, so we moved the time up a bit so that she had a little "wiggle room".  Ellen determined the theme "Decadence" for July - a departure from our usual country/ethnic themes.  Of course - I forgot my camera, so the pictures that you see below are the closest that I found to what was actually served.  Below each photo - you will find the address for its source. 

We still abided by our tradition of each member being responsible for a course - and I was in charge of appetizers.  I decided to make two, and did a Cheese and Wine Fondue for the first offering.   While I love anything to do with wine, and anything to do with melted cheese - I have never made fondue before.  It was absolutely delicious!  I made it earlier in the day and was a bit concerned with how it would reheat prior to taking it to dinner.  I had no trouble with it at all.  As in the picture below, we dipped cut up French bread into it - I could have just used a soup spoon and been happy!

Next I made Olive Tarts.  This is a recipe that I have made many times before, having borrowed it from my mother who has also made them many, many times.  They are a bit of a family tradition, and we just love them - I had Bruce drop some off at my parent's house that evening, knowing that my dad would not want to miss out!

Next, Tierney brought a side-dish of Lobster Mac and Cheese. Oh my goodness!  It was incredible!  A wonderfully crunchy top followed by creamy, cheesy pasta and chunks of sweet lobster - all of my favorite food groups!
OK - so at this point - it just keeps getting better.  Ellen's offering was  Lobster Pie!  I'm not kidding - lobster pie!  I was in lobster heaven!  I have never eaten anything like it before - but you can bet that I will make this at home!  It was just delectable.

For dessert, Chris brought Dulce de Leche Cake.  A sweet, extremely moist cake that, after having a leftover piece that I brought home, Bruce declared he wanted for his birthday.
Before leaving home for our dinner, I told my son that I thought that there would probably not be a vegetable in sight - and I was right (save for the olives in the "olive tarts").  Every bite was "decadence" indeed.  I mentioned several times throughout the evening that I was so glad that I'd had my cholesterol tested the month before - I can only imagine what it was like the morning after our meal! But I guess that that's what makes some foods decadent - you know it's not terribly good for you - but it tastes oh so good.  And, you know that you only do it every once-in-awhile.

I don't know what our theme will be for next month, but since I'm in charge of the side-dish, I think that I will bring along a salad - just for good measure!


  1. How cool is that?! You must all have fallen asleep on her sofa or "rolled" home :) Wow, this sounds all so great! We will in any case try the Olive Tarts, oh, and the Dulce de Leche cake! Yummy!

    I am very looking forward to the report of your next BITE!

  2. Ellen's homemade Fetuccini Alfredo was a treat for me because I rarely get to try home made pasta. I ate left over lobster mac 'n cheese for the next THREE days!!! Great substitute photos. I'm looking forward to a few main dishes in August that I've "been meaning to make". :) xo

  3. I am with Mae!! Holly molly what a meal. I am drooling!! Clarice