Saturday, June 23, 2012

"I have a sweet tooth for song and music. This is my Polish sin." ~ Pope John Paul II
Today will find me at The Old Songs Festival, in Altamont, NY.

"Old Songs is a family-friendly festival of folk, traditional, Celtic and world music and dance, known for its relaxed atmosphere, interactive sessions and workshops, hands-on experience and participatory nature. In addition to three concerts there are 120 daytime workshops given by performers. Also featured are a juried craft show, food and instrument vendors, and a well-run children's activity area."

My mother and one of my sisters have been going to Old Songs for many years. With it right on the heels of closing out a school year, I just didn't get myself to it till a few years ago.  I'm so glad that I finally did! 

Held at the Altamont Fairgrounds, the festival takes place on the grounds and in the buildings (as in cattle barn, sheep barn, etc.), and is spread over a wide, though very accessible area.  There is music from all over the world and if you go to the schedule, you will see that performances are run simultaneously day-in and day-out. This can make it difficult to decide on where to be and when.

Enjoy a clip showing all of the things that the festival has to offer! 

As I did last year, I have poured over the list of performers and their scheduled times for this year's festival, sampling some of their music online in order to narrow the field.  Here are a few examples of those that I hope to see today:

( I saw her perform here last year - amazing!)


So - a small sampling of what awaits me today!  I plan to return here on Wednesday with pictures and a full report - until then - Welcome Summer!  


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time full of music and inspiring people! Can't wait for your pictures and report! This sounds great!

    1. I have just returned - and it was FABULOUS!!!!!!! Pictures and commentary on Wednesday!!!

  2. Wow! How do you even get around to all of the amazing offerings?! So much to experience. What an opportunity, T.!