Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"I have seen this music go from a national curiosity to a cool pursuit. Keep it healthy by singing it, loving it, and contributing to its future." ~ Martha Beverly

Three generations of my family, all watching together!

Saturday was just a splendid day at The Old Songs Festival - blue sky and sunshine for all but about 15 minutes while we were there.  I have tried in vain to upload three video clips that I took with my phone - I've followed every direction I can find - but have been unsuccessful. So - I have downloaded a clip that gives you an example of Shape Note singing, which is a very popular segment of Old Songs. It does not do justice to the actual experience, but gives you an idea. It is based on audience participation, and sounds like you are sitting in heaven when you are surrounded by it.

Hallelujah by Sacred Harp Singers on Grooveshark

Below is also a video clip explaining Sacred Harp/Shape Note singing. (which was featured in the film Cold Mountain.)

As you can see from the photos I snapped below, this is all music, all the time, everywhere you happen to be.  It is truly a wonderful experience, and one that I have been so happy to share  with my parents, my sisters and my son.

A wonderful day all of the way around!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day!!! Clarice

  2. The festival seems to truly celebrate the joy and power of music, bringing people together in song. (Rain or shine!) No wonder this has become a special family tradition.