Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pinternalysis: The process by which one analyzes specific aspects of one’s life through the use of Pinterest boards.

OK - I totally made that up!  I am going to attempt to explain Pinterest and Pinterest boards a little further down, but I am caught recollecting when the trademark book “What Color is you Parachute?” was first published for the general population – 1972, when I was a sophomore in high school (I know that I am seriously dating myself).  A means by which to determine the direction of your life – your strengths and weaknesses – your likes and dislikes – “What Color is you Parachute?” has been around ever since – updated yearly – thank goodness – because in 1972, anything dealing with computers, the internet, etc. was not even a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ or Bill Gates' eyes. 

I happen to have the 1998 edition of “What Color is you Parachute”  by my side – it’s the only edition that was readily available at my library – outdated yes – but the premise has remained the same over the years – helping would-be college students and career hunters zero in on what they want to do with the rest of their lives.  Here are a few of the questions that the book suggests that you ask yourself:

1.   What do you want out of life?
2.   What turns you on?
3.   What are your favorite interests?

Now – this is where Pinterest comes into play. Having been around for about two plus years, Pinterest's popularity has skyrocketed.  Virtual bulletin boards allow users (pinners) to create a board focusing on any topic that they would like, and to virtually tack pictures, websites etc. to their boards directly from what is found on the internet.  Watch the video clip below to get an idea of how it works:

 Really – your Pinterest  boards will answer a lot of those “Parachute” questions for you!  Very recently - I realized that a trip through my Pinterest boards proved to be very insightful - for example - I clearly have a thing for salted-caramels - I've never made a single salted-caramel recipe out of the 27 pinned to my “Dessert” board - but without a doubt - I lust after salted-caramels ~ who knew?

I also clearly enjoy dresses that date back to another era – even though I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress.  Looking at my “Fashion” board however, indicates that if I were to go down the “dress” road again, I’d be wearing something out of “Mad Men”.  What fun!

Looking for personal insight? Want to know what might be a career choice for you?  Begin “pinning”.  Make no mistake though – it is addictive – on more than one occasion I’ve said “Back away from the computer, Tracy.”  I could spend (and have spent) hours scouring the pins of complete strangers for that next great recipe, that next wonderful knitting pattern, the next perfect accessory for my beach house. Yes – I have a board titled “My Beach House” – I just want to be ready when the time comes.

In short – to quote a friend - I need a Pintervention - perhaps it could be a new Lifetime reality show?  I know that I'm not alone out there.

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  1. I hope you'll consider me when you begin selecting your all-star line up for the premier season of "Pintervention!" LOL