Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Craft gives us a big-picture view of our history and development as a country and a people. It’s a cornucopia, covering cultures and climates, philosophies and science, social causes and social action. It’s about discipline, excitement, and creativity. In short: it’s what makes America, America – and Americans, Americans." ~ Craft in America

A few years ago, I stumbled across a program on PBS, called Craft in America.  I immediately fell in love. Having always loved to make things with my own hands, I have also always loved the history of crafting. The series Craft in America has had seven episodes over the last few years, with its eighth  coming next week on May 11th, and its ninth scheduled for October of this year.  Each episode focuses on a specific aspect of crafting and highlights artists who speak to that particular focus.  You can watch full episodes online of all of the previous seven shows, as well as additional footage not shown on the TV program.

The episode airing next week is titled "Threads". A brief clip below gives you a preview of the show.
If you are uncertain of your local PBS station and what time this episode may be airing, PBS has a site where you can type in your zip code information and it will answer these questions for you.

If you enjoying crafting and/or history, I strongly urge you to explore all that Craft in America has to offer. It is visually rich, historically informative and ever so inspiring.  I've given you a week and a half to either clear your schedule or set your DVR - you won't regret it!


  1. I have not seen this. Thank you for sharing Tracy, I will check it out. Clarice

  2. I think that I know you enough Clarice, through your posts, to know that this will strike a chord with you. I hope that you enjoy all of the episodes.