Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sh*t Knitters Say

OK - Not my normally thought provoking quote (or perhaps it is!), but you should hear some of things that get said around the table at my local yarn store!  We crack each other up!  That's not to say that some serious conversation doesn't happen - whenever you get a group of women together, the conversation naturally drifts towards family - our children - our parents - our worries and our joys.  We support one another and are wonderful sounding boards.  However - our conversation just as naturally drifts towards things like - "I should never have had that glass of wine while I was working on this."  (more on that later) "Have you ever used a lifeline before?"  "What does p2tog-b mean?"  And then there is the debate over double-pointed needles versus circular.  The video below is just an example of some of the idiosyncrasies of knitters.  You may not be familiar with the lingo, but if you have a serious avocation, whether it be knitting or golf - just insert your lingo instead - you'll get it!

Now to knitting and drinking wine.  For the past several months, I have done mindless knitting - not that I have been unhappy with my projects (quite the contrary), but they have been the kind of mindless, effortless projects that have allowed me to knit, drink some wine, and solve the problems of the world all at the same time.  I recently began a project that does not permit me to multitask - I've tried and failed!  It's not that this is a difficult project, but after months of no concentration, I've really had to force myself to pay attention to what I'm doing!  Believe it or not, they make a wine glass for just this type of endeavor!
I am currently working on a bottom line project - I hope that I am done ripping it out and starting over   (which means I was able to go to the top line for awhile!) - I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. LOL, love the wines glasses and so true. I find knitter are very fun people, no boring conversations!! Clarice

  2. What? We're not the only knitters who say those things?!
    Great wine glasses - I think the Tuesday night group would enjoy them. ;)
    I wonder what you are knitting now? Anxious to see....

  3. Haha! I had a good laugh while reading that! And the glasses are great! I am also a knitter and a spinner (hope this is the right word...) so I know exactly what you are talking about :)