Saturday, March 3, 2012

“Is it time to go home yet? I keep clicking these damn shoes, but nothing happens.” ~ Robin Hecht

By the time this post posts - we will be on our slow trek back home to the chilly north.   I'm not sure where we will be this time next year, but we enjoyed our two months in St. Petersburg.  

I hope to share with you some of the places that we stop along the way as we head home.  In the meantime - 

Whenever I am away from home, I seem to pay more attention to signs, and what is written on them.  I think that at home they are just part of my everyday surroundings and I just don't see them.  While in Florida, I snapped a few signs (and sights) that caught my attention.  Here for your viewing pleasure -

~ and 50 cents? ~
~ ok! ~
~ oops! ~

A little background on this photo - I saw this sign on a Friday evening, without my camera.  I knew that I had to snap a picture of it before Monday morning, because it surely would be corrected when school began.  I'm so glad that I went back on Sunday, because as we drove past it on Monday morning, it was indeed corrected.  I cropped the picture to leave the school name out, but on Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Times featured an article about the misspelling, along with the fact that before it could be corrected, students had taken out their cell-phones and immediately began posting pictures of it to Face-Book.  It is the principal's fervent hope that it not end up as a "Send us your headlines" segment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!
~ I'm having a little trouble with my new iPhone 4S - do you think you can repair it for me? Oh, and I'll have the breakfast special while I wait. ~
~ the backyard of an apartment ~
~ interesting combination ~


  1. Welcome home (if you are home yet). Two months is a longgggg time to be gone. Even though the cold will not be fun, I hope you really feel like you are home!! Clarice

    1. Thanks Clarice! We rolled in last night (Wed.) and I must say - I'm really happy to be home!

  2. I LOVE the monkeys in the tree!!
    So glad you're home Tracy! xoxo t