Friday, March 30, 2012

A Dollar and a Dream!

I know that I am blogging a day earlier than I usually do - but this post will, in all likelihood, be irrelevant tomorrow.  Bruce and I have a few tickets for tonight's record breaking mega-millions lottery jackpot.  And - we have a plan - a little loosely woven, but a plan nonetheless.  It goes something like this:

Our winnings (upfront lump sum) will be divided into thirds.

1/3 to be shared and governed jointly
1/3 each to be dealt with as we choose - this is where we take care of friends and family members.  Also -
     where we contribute to the charities of our choice - and we plan to be extremely generous.

This sounds pretty fair to me!  

Once upon a time, I would have chosen to finish out the school year (now if I won in October - my decision would probably be different), but since I'm retired, this is no longer an issue.  So no grand "I'm quitting my job!" announcement - that would have been fun!  So - what would I do?  I suspect that after some serious shock recovery, I would try to not do anything for a bit, aside (ASIDE!) from pursuing two purchases - a home (or small family compound) on Cape Cod, and a home (or condo) on Sanibel Island.  Each of these locations would provide the ideal setting for calmly, peacefully, and sensibly going about the task of dealing with my millions.  

How nice to know that (and yes, I'm being totally, 100% selfish here) I could:

  1. take as many cooking classes as I want
  2. buy as much expensive yarn as I want
  3. go to as many movies as I want
  4. buy as many books as I want and have as much personal space to shelve them as I want
  5. travel wherever I want to go and take anyone with me who wants to come along
  6. eat lobster every day if I so choose
  7. do anything that money could buy for my family and friends - don't we all dream of doing that?
I love the "dream", I really do - it's worth the price of admission for me. What is your "dream" if you suddenly won the lottery? And - it's ok to be selfish - after all - it is a dream!

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  1. Such a fun post - I especially love your "unlimited" list. Mine would look a lot like yours, plus I'd enjoy having the time to build the very cool tree house in my mind's eye. Dreaming is good. :)