Wednesday, October 19, 2011

“If you don't love life, you can't enjoy an oyster; there is a shock of freshness to it and intimations of the ages of man, some piercing intuition of the sea and all its weeds and breezes. They shiver you for a split second.” ~ Eleanor Clark

So indeed, we made it to the Wellfleet Oyster Fest. !!!! 

As we got closer to Wellfleet, and saw the miles of traffic, we had the sudden feeling of 
deja vu - are we back at the Apple Festival?

~And the wall to wall crowds ~

~What we feared would be threatening weather ~

~Turned into glorious sunshine ~

~Shucking oysters ~ 

~ And clams ~

~And more oysters~

When it comes to seafood, I am a brave soul! 
The taste of everything that is "ocean".

Bloody Mary's, Lobster Bruchetta, Raw Oysters ~ Heaven!

Carving shore birds ~ If you have ever been in my home, you know I have a thing for shore birds!

Oyster Shucking Contest


And victory! 

See you back here on Saturday with more pictures from my favorite place on earth!


  1. I'm loving your travelog part as much as the photos, food, and quotes. Where do find all those perfect quotes to go along with your theme??? Have you been saving them for years, or have a fantastic source? When I taught I had a book of quotes to use, but yours are fabulous!!

    What a glorious retirement fall it has been.

  2. You look like you're in heaven! You continue to paint a very real picture, so real I can practically taste those oysters. So glad you're having such a great time.