Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Let firm, well hammer'd soles protect thy feet Through freezing snows, and rains, and soaking sleet." ~ John Gay

Normally these days, I post my blog on Wednesdays. While I knew that my post, intended for yesterday, would be later in the day, I did think that I'd get to it!

Some weeks, I have a couple of post ideas running through my head. Other weeks - not so much. When the ideas are not so plentiful, I often turn to what I'm knitting (did that recently), what I'm cooking (not much these days) or I just grab my camera and snap some photos of what is going on around me. Yesterday I was headed to a lunch gathering with friends at the house of a woman who lives across the road from a lovely lake, so I threw my camera in the car before taking off.

Once there, we laughed, ate, and laughed some more. I never did make it across the road to take some lake photos on our rare, rainfree afternoon!

So, I am now offering up another, yet well-loved filler, the most recent (albeit several month old) Raw Craft video from Anthony Bourdain. These episodes never fail to inspire me. Craft comes in so many forms, and I love them all! Enjoy!

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