Wednesday, February 15, 2017

“It is amazing that something so beautiful will be destroyed. But then again, that is the story of our lives." ~ A woman who watched the creation of a sand mandala (from the article Embracing Impermanence - Lessons from Sand Mandalas - link below)

Over the weekend, Bruce and I went to a local arts fest. This one is a bit different than most in that it includes a "Cook Off" with chefs from local restaurants, a one act play put on by high school students, and lots of activities for children. This year there was also the added attraction of Tibetan Monks creating a sand mandala. Unfortunately, I only had the camera on my phone with me, and the quality of the pictures is really quite poor. This is too bad, as the color and detail were really worth capturing.

For a much better view and explanation of how they do this, please check out this article on TCPalm.

Also, the following article is a good reflection on mandalas and their relationship to our lives - Embracing Impermanence - Lessons from Sand Mandalas

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