Saturday, November 7, 2015

"On My Needles - Update!"

Back in later September, I shared with you a knitting project that I had just begun for myself. I had set the goal of having it completed before the snow flew. Well, we have had a few flakes since then, but I really don't think that they count. I have since revised my goal to completion by Thanksgiving, just a few short weeks away. I updated the goal when my sister Robin showed me a cardigan that she had been working on, but kept putting off completing. We agreed to have our Thanksgiving gathering be the debut of our projects - a bit of motivation for us both!  

So - here is where I began, and here is where I am now. I am in good shape, though I think that it's going to be a tad roomier than I had planned. I am looking forward to wearing my completed pullover in time for turkey!

I'm almost there!


  1. Is that the gnarled yoke pattern? Beautiful knitting, and the sweater already looks so cozy! What a pretty color for fall.

  2. This is a gorgeous project, Tracy. Remind me what yarn you are using?

    1. Thanks Andrea! The yarn is Berroco's Ultra Alpaca, and is lovely to work with.

  3. Really great knitting photos. It will be a beautiful sweater!