Saturday, August 15, 2015

"My favorite way of getting out of doing chores is by acting like I'm asleep. But it never works." ~ Devon Werkheiser

As we continue our work to prepare for downsizing, we have decided to paint a few rooms that have not been done since we painted them the first time, over 14 years ago. While happily, most rooms have been redone since then, or are still in really good shape, there are a few that need refreshing, regardless of how long we remain here. 

First was our master-bath. One would think with its tiny size that this would be an easy task. Not so! Between giving it a much lighter color (necessitating two coats), and all of those little nooks and crannies - UGH! But, it's done and looks lovely. I have only included a couple of pictures, but the overall goal was to go from "Tracy Wishes That She Was Sitting On The Beach!" to  "Coastal Tranquility" - or something like that! Mission accomplished I think.

Next was our bedroom. I am not someone who is constantly rearranging the furniture. Things go the way we like them, and generally stay there! I admit however, that I have been itching to rearrange and revamp our bedroom, which has felt dark and cluttered, for some time now. One thing we did not change was the wall color. I really do like it, and while we have been striving for a somewhat lighter look, my memories of two coats in the bathroom was fresh in my mind! We went with the original shade and I'm pleased with that. No question it made it easier to cover in one coat.

The whole repainting of that room took us the better part of a week, between taping off and then painting the trim, to then taping off and panting the walls.  Bruce does up high - I do down low. After several days of scooting around on my rear-end, I decided that I've earned the right to say "Oh, my aching ass!". We pulled the room somewhat back together (no pictures), have placed the bed on a different wall, gotten rid of a very large dresser, and thrown out the worn area rug. The new headboard (we hadn't had one) arrived today, and new roman shades (replacing dark brown curtains with some holes in them!)  should arrive next week. Paint; headboard; window treatments - those were our new investments. Down the road I would love a new bedspread, but right now I'm just enjoying how open and clean everything feels (and is!)

We still have two more rooms to paint (and the deck), but the ones with the biggest emotional impact have been done - I just know I'm going to sleep better!

Bruce and I were wondering the other day - between the condo and home, about how many square feet we have painted in the last 12 months!? It seems as though we have been constantly attending to something. I hope that in the next few weeks I can begin visiting some of the blogs and websites that I enjoy and have neglected lately. I think that we are ready to hang up our paint brushes!


  1. The ocean theme is so beautiful and peaceful. :-)

  2. I am dreading getting our house ready to sell. Here at the lake, I can hear the future stress calling.