Wednesday, May 27, 2015

“I don't feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them.” ~ Kathi Hutton

It had been my intention to share a post with you today about my sister Robin, and brother-in-law Mike's new venture into bee-keeping! But - between being away over the weekend, having a tough time retrieving a couple of pictures that Robin sent to me and - putting it all off to the last minute, I will post about bees on Saturday - promise!

In the meantime - a fluttering feast outside our window!


  1. So cute! And this vibrant yellow! By the way, the one in the last picture looks like he has really thick eyebrows :)

  2. We love watching the birds at our feeders too. However we suffer from a moral dilemma, otherwise known as the sparrowhawk. Unfortunately it enjoys a daily swoop across our garden invariably succeeding in catching one of our regular diners and leaving us wondering if we are just feeding up the little birds to satisfy the big one's hunger. I guess that's nature for you.

  3. Ohhh, they are so beautiful! We love bird-watching at our house. :-)