Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"How many things are now at loose ends! Who knows which way the wind will blow tomorrow?" ~ Henry David Thoraeu

Now that we are settled back in at home, I am tying up a few loose ends from our winter south. The Lucy Bag above is one of those loose ends! My go-to knitting project for travel (below is a photo that I posted a few years ago - winter travel!).  I knit the one above on our way south in January, and used odd skeins of Cascade 220. I love the color combinations, which I think are quite Floridian, even though the finished felting was done in NY.

I don't think that I've mentioned before that at our condo complex in Florida, individual ownership of washers and dryers is prohibited. There is a common laundry facility about two doors down from us, and I must say that I never really found it to be inconvenient. Anyhow - since I did not have my own washing machine to felt my bag in, and since felting can sometimes be an unpredictable process, I decided it was best to leave this until we returned home. 

I have made probably close to 20 Lucy Bags over the years (that's a lot of travel!), and have given them all away. This Floridian-toned one is for me! Whether I carry it as a purse or a project-bag remains to be seen, but I do love it and am happy to call it mine!

Right now I have no need for a winter one!


  1. What a pretty and beautifully proportioned bag. :-) You are a very talented woman. :-)

  2. It looks really great! And the felting is so well done!

    Love the last picture with all these plushy bags :)