Saturday, January 17, 2015

"How often we fail to realize our good fortune in living in a country where happiness is more than a lack of tragedy." ~ Paul Sweeney

I made a break for it the other day, when the sun finally came out, and headed to the beach to snap a few pix. Always mesmerizing. The weather continues to be a mixed bag - rain, some sun, fog, cool and humid, warm and humid....... I'm not really complaining. I'd be chomping at the bit to be outside if we had beautiful weather all the time. As it is, I am able to continue plinking away at things in the condo. 

Yesterday we made our second run to IKEA to pick up the things that we left without last week, and to add a few other things to the cart. Today I spent a good portion of time putting together two bedside tables. I will share pictures of them in place when our bedroom has more light (next phase of work to be done). I'm pretty proud of myself for my handiwork, though I will admit that the backside of mine shows the screws rather than the side it should. Since it will be up against the wall, I decided to not take it all apart and redo it , as that is exactly what I would have had to do. I'm still pretty pleased with myself!

Bruce is managing to fit in golf, as I am knitting. Next week my knitting group will make a day-trip to a knit shop and gallery, and then out to lunch. We are getting our share of fun amongst all the work (which is getting less and less each day). How very fortunate we are!


  1. It all sounds great, and I envy you for your time at the beach! Your photos are a beautiful sight for my winter weary eyes. Thanks!

  2. Your photos are so addictive! The first one could be a painting! It is a marvelous beach and I am happy that you have it nearby your condo!

  3. I just want to sit here and look at these stunning pictures over and over again. :-) So beautiful and restorative. :-)

  4. Beautiful pictures from the ocean! I just came back from the Baltic Sea and I have to admit, I'm a real ocean lover...

    And congratulations to your progress! Wow, you seem to be so well organised!

  5. I can hear the surf. Such wonderful photographs, T.!