Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Friends are like sea shells we collect along the way."

Before we left New York, Melissa, one of my knitting group comrades, dropped off a house (condo) warming gift from the group. As you can see, it now rests in front of our condo stove! Thanks ladies!

I met with my Stuart knitting group on Monday, and it was just wonderful to see them all again! I know I've said it before, but I will say it again - knitters are really nice people!

We continue to make steady progress. Things don't look or feel quite as overwhelming as they did a week ago. The remainder of the tile in the full-bath has been grouted and the vanity should arrive shortly. Today, the kitchen backsplash should be complete! Bruce has been steadily working on closets, and having a place to put our clothes will bring a lot of order to things. A trip to IKEA is scheduled so that we can pick up shelving and odds and ends. So far, so good.

We made it down to the pier the other evening and just sat and enjoyed to peace and quiet. We know that this will soon be a regular part of our day; we just aren't quite there yet. 

But we are getting closer!


  1. A lovely house warming gift! So good to have such friends! I can only agree: knitters are very nice people! ;)

  2. Yes knitters are. Enjoy the process, soon it will feel like home. Clarice

  3. Reading your posts about the life you are making in Stuart is very special. That you're sharing your journey is generous, and greatly appreciated. Keep us posted on all the progress, the fun and the adventures!