Saturday, June 1, 2013

“Everything goes so quickly for us. We let ourselves get stressed and blame the time which is flying past. When you sit in front of the knitting clock, however, you experience that it is we who produce the stress because the clock works so slowly that you can hardly see that the yarn is forming the mesh.” ~ Siren Elise Wilhelmsen

I was all set to post on a recent discovery that I made on my blogging friend Linda's blog, when I received notice that Linda has nominated me for the Sweetest Blogger Award!  What a lovely surprise! More on that in a moment!

Linda is a multi-talented knitwear designer in Norway.  A recent accomplishment is her Norwegian knitting book: ‘To rett en vrang. Designstrikk’ published by Cappelen Damm in January 2012. She is currently designing for Thomas Kvist Yarns.  Linda has also had many of her designs published in magazines.  I always enjoy visiting Linda's blog.  It has given me a new appreciation for the talent and effort that goes into designing knitwear - I really had not given this any thought before!

Linda often posts about the fiber activities that are going on around her.  In a very recent post, Linda wrote about her trip to The Thief, an amazing hotel located in Oslo.  The thing that captured my interest here was the hotel's knitting clock!  

The clock was created by designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen.

"The conceptual clock which stands in the hotel’s library knits a mesh in half an hour. In the course of a calendar year, it has made a two metre-long scarf of the months which have passed. When the New Year arrives, the ball of wool is changed – and who knows what experiences will be caught in the mesh in the minutes, days and months to come."

I just love this kind of thing and said to Linda that I am continually impressed by Norway's embrace of its "fiber" and its role in her country.  In response she said:

 "Yes, we do embrace fiber in all its form but I do believe The Thief has done a marvelous job of celebrating Norwegian Design as well as international art with their partnership with Astrup Fearnely Museum of Modern Art!"

Thank you to Linda for sharing the knitting clock - and thank you for passing on the Sweetest Blogger Award! In choosing a picture to accompany my award, I picked a luscious photo of crème brûlée - which is my very favorite dessert.
In accepting this award, I will answer five simple questions about myself, and then pass the award on to up to a baker's dozen of other blogs that I enjoy and read.  I am going to keep my list quite a bit smaller, but for those of you I pass it on to, know that you can go up to 13 if you so choose!

On to the questions!

1.  Cookies or cake?  Well, this may be difficult to believe, but I am not that much of a sweets eater!  That's not to say I don't ever eat something sweet - after all, I do love crème brûlée, but I am a salty/crispy kind of gal.  That being said, I guess that I would choose cheese cake as a preference for cookies or cake.

2.  Chocolate or vanilla?  Well, again - I don't really crave either, though I will tell you that a friend recently gave me a chocolate bar with crispy caramel and sea salt - I am still savoring it!

3.  Favorite sweet treat?  Crème brûlée!

4.  When do you get hit with cravings?  Whenever I see it on the dessert table!

5.  Sweet nickname?  I love it when my husband calls me "Babes"!

And now to pass the baton!  I love these ladies!

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Thanks so much Linda!!!


  1. Congratulations to you for being nominated - deservedly so!
    Once again, you've made me feel like a million bucks, too! Thank you for including Silver Trumpet among your nominations, and I promise to pass the torch. Our library needs a Knitting Clock, don't you think?

    1. It would be entirely awesome for our library to have knitting clock!

  2. I am incredibly chuffed to be presented in your blog, Tracy! Thank you so much! How marvelous that you included the YouTube clip!

    I loved reading about your sweets!

  3. Congratulations for your award, Tracy! And thank you so much! It has been raining for days now, but you brought sunshine! Thank you!!!

  4. Wow. The creativity of the knitting clock in Oslo is amazing. You just never know what people with those amazing creative minds are going to design next? I just love that. I'm off to watch the video and see more.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed it Sarah - it is amazing!

  5. Hi Tracy! I came to your blog through the link from Linda Marving's Super Sweet Blogger Award post. I love everything about your blog. I love the quotes and photography. I love that you included the knitting clock, which I also found fascinating when Linda wrote of it. This is such a great post in many ways. I will be back to read your blog again!

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn, and I, in turn, have enjoyed visiting your blog! You are clearly a talented knitter and I will be following along!