Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it's sent away." ~ Sarah Kay

Majestic - humbling - transfixing - oh so beautiful.  I could walk the beach and stare out to sea forever.  On the day that I took these photos (and oh, the desperate time that I had them whittling down to the ones posted here), the weather was wonderful, and the surf was tumultuous.  Froth and foam and crashing waves!

Watching the waves hit shore, and then continue on down the line, was like watching a series of fireworks go off, one right after the other - incredible!

I can understand why the colors of the sea are so popular in decorating - I am calmed and relaxed whenever I'm around them.

It honestly looks and feels as though the ocean is throwing its waves at you - the force is so astounding.

Here it comes!

The final picture above was the last one that I took - because - the burst of spray through the blow hole (that's "rogue wave" to my Stuart friends), didn't stop when I snapped that shot.  It nailed me from about the chin down (thank God my camera was up to my eye!)  Aside from soaking me, and my empty camera bag (expect for the charger ), the water was filled with sand.  I was plastered!  I wish that there had been someone taking a picture of me taking a picture - now there'd be money in that one!

When I got back to the complex, I pulled into the spot designated for washing cars, and hosed myself down. What a sight!

My camera seems to be fine, despite getting a few drops on it, and the camera bag came through the washer and dryer without a problem.  I lost my lens cap and the charger may be kaput - but it could have been much worse!  Next time, when I think that I'm far enough back - I'll know to take several more steps to the rear! Wow!

Thank you to my blogging friends, Little Pink Cakes, in Berlin, for sharing my opening quote in a previous post.


  1. Tracy, these pictures are FANTASTIC!!! I love the colours and how you captured the foam of the sea! Wow!

    And I am crossing my fingers, that your cam is ok - but I think they are able to go through such situations with their fearless owners :)

    1. Thanks! I have used the camera again, extensively - and it seems to be fine. I have a new lens cap, but have yet to try out the charger - I think it's dry - but it's dried salt water, so we will see!

  2. Your water is so much more beautiful!!
    I live
    along the Texas Gulf Coast. Just a moment from Galveston Island.
    My grandparents had a beach house on one of the smaller islands. They have gone to heaven and my brothers and I share it.

    1. Dottie - How wonderful that you and your brothers can share your grandparents' beach house - what a true blessing!

  3. Absolutely amazing photography, and a very funny story to boot! I was practically rolling with laughter, knowing all was well in the end. Your third photo from the top is extraordinary. Once again, I could look at your photos all day. xo

    1. Thanks T.! Your favorite picture is mine as well - don't know how I got it - so don't know if I could ever do it again! I'll take what I get!

  4. What amazing photos! You have quite the gift. I find the colors of the sea quite soothing myself.