Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." ~ Marshall McLuhan

Shortly after my sisters walked out the door to return home from our "de-cluttering" weekend, the elves from Spun Right Round, our local yarn store, walked in.  Last year, Renee from Spun right Round, hosted the sale of ornaments for the benefit of our local Salvation Army.  This year, we women who sit around and solve the problems of the world on Tuesday evenings (yes, the ones who witnessed my Loch Ness Monster sleeve) have embarked on another fund-raising enterprise.  Having decided to make felted brooches to be sold for the benefit of The Cortland Free Library, we began collecting old woolen sweaters (or knitting up some swatches on our own) and then felting them in our washing machines.  We amassed quite a supply over the past few months!

Determining that our proceeds would benefit the library seems particularly fitting.   A few years before
Spun Right Round opened, The Cortland Free Library, offered to provide a day, a time and a room for local knitters to gather.  I don't believe that any of us knew each other at the time - I know that I certainly didn't. We became fast friends over the years, and while we meet at the shop now, the library gave our merry band its first start.

I offered to host a "put them together" gathering at my home.  Each lady brought supplies for the brooches and a dish to pass.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  I must say that it put me in the holiday spirit!

The brooches will be for sale at the shop beginning the week of Thanksgiving.  If you are local - please stop by and check them out.  They are cute, they are festive, they are creative and they will be helping out The Cortland Free Library.  Thanks T., for taking pictures! 

Made Locally
Purchased Locally
Benefits Locally
Well Done!

P.S.  Calender Alert!  The newest episode from Craft in America airs this Friday (16th) on PBS!  Watch the preview below ~


  1. These are so stinking cute and will sell well. What a fun way to spend an afternoon. Clarice

  2. Oh, I can't believe I missed Craft In America! I'll have to tune in online...thanks for the reminder, Tracy!
    I hope all of you had fun making more flowers today. I'm anxious to see the fruits (flowers) of your labor. :)